Campaign Automation

Your message should arrive when your customer is most open to receive it.

That’s easy to say, and now it’s easy to do too. Automation intelligence does the work, your clients get personal attention; you look like a genius! 

In addition to specifying campaign time zone send settings, Smartmail PRO allows events to be selected from email activity such as clickthroughs, list events such as subscription or a change to preferences, or based on dates in your database records.

Could you use these tools? Do you send an automatic welcome email when someone signs up to your newsletter? Send a reminder email when a customer’s policy is about to expire? Send personal birthday wishes?

Dynamic Content

Personalise your email even further with dynamic content. Blocks of content, images, offers and even navigation swap out seamlessly, letting you send one email with millions of possible permutations.

Create just one email that uses data intelligence to decide what content each reader will see.

Display a certain offer to people who have bought a certain product, or redemption options to those who have reached the reward point target. Invite recipients who haven’t yet registered as customer with a special offer if they sign up this week.

Alternatively, personalise by region. Customers in Christchurch can receive an email with the first paragraph showing information about what's happening in Canterbury, whilst your Queenstown readers see what's going on in Otago.

For examples of how this can work see the Metservice case study.

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