Introducing SmartMail PRO

World leading features, performance, ease of use, security and capacity.

SmartMail PRO is web-based software that sits on the most capable and robust back end platform yet. Capable of powering the largest global email campaigns, SmartMail PRO also works simply for smaller self service teams and full service clients alike.  An easy to use tool-kit that will fully equip you for best practice email marketing, now, and as your requirements grow.

Your SmartMail PRO account will be set up for as many users as you need, with custom designed templates and the full suite of built-in features. With the web-based Smartmail PRO, as soon as you are ready to get started you will have:

Easy Campaign Management

SmartMail PRO makes it so easy to build your campaigns with the most responsive and intuitive campaign editing tools. ‘Share This’ Social Media Integration & Acquisition.  Automated Email Trigger – Birthdays, Welcomes and Renewals. Advanced Form Builder – Web Forms and more. 

On Demand Reporting & Analysis

SmartMail PRO’s Reporting & Measurement will have you digging deep with a few clicks of your mouse to monitor, review, compare, and plan for next time. See right down to the granular level who read what, who shared your email on Facebook, or clicked to your product page, how many times they did so, and when. You can even set up and automate your favourite reports.

Database Management

Now you can manage multiple lists in one place, allowing your customers to choose to receive any or all of your email types, or not. Many SmartMail PRO users have seamless Integration via API and can be assured their data is up to date in SmartMail PRO as well as in their CRM, website, and from the call centre for example.  

Powerful Segmentation and Personalised Content

Quickly and easily define customer segments based on demographic or behavioural attributes and integrate data collected from email, surveys, landing pages and Web analytics. A unique dynamic content wizard lets you tailor your message content so you can create personalised, relevant email messages. See a case study on the use of these tools here

A real live phone-answering team is with you every email you send. Yes, SmartMail PRO is created, supported and appended with the team at APD. Just the nicest bunch of global email marketing experts in the world, right here in Auckland.

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