Multichannel campaign Management

Marketers have always run campaigns across different media at once.  On digital platforms we call that Integrated or Multichannel Campaign Management.

The APD team of locally based, global emarketing experts use Smartmail Pro and other smart tools to help you achieve these integrated campaigns. And they centralise your reporting for you in one place.
This enables you to follow activity for your customer or prospect in your database from their first interaction right through to conversion, and over again.

You will know when they first opted-in to receive your marketing communications, how they have responded to email campaigns and whether they have used social media or websites.

Integrate with any social networks, Google Analytics, your website and use the reporting to match activity from mobile marketing campaigns too.

Mobile Marketing

The mobile channel presents a growing and important opportunity for brands and marketers to engage with their customers.

It is the fastest growing method of communication, and now that lines between the internet and mobile have forever been erased it’s important that any digital media strategy keeps all delivery methods in mind.

Mobile marketing can easily compliment your existing campaigns and media strategy.

It’s a device that is always on, and always at hand.

By adding a mobile campaign to your advertising you can get your customers responding to your ads, opening up a two way conversation. You can also easily measure your response rates and ROI.
With our expertise in Digital Mobile solutions we make it easy for our clients to communicate and transact with their target audiences.

Yes, our team can help with your mobile marketing requirements. Ask us here.

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