Reporting and Analytics

Maximise your budget.  Review past campaign performance and use actual response rates and return on investment (ROI) in your next planning session.

SmartMail PRO reports are created in real time, with the scope and detail you want and that your business demands. Some of the things you’ll like about your new reporting options:

  • Engagement Reporting: Who shared to social media? Referred?  Forwarded? Filled out your survey?  Tie in Google Analytics too
  • Supporting the new global standards for email marketing metrics – SmartMail Pro is one of the first ESP’s in the world to comply with this US DMA initiative
  • HTML format reports, great graphs with the option to export to PDF, CSV or XLS or with a single click your data exports with all key metrics in one zip file
  • Comparison reports enable you to compare metrics for emails side-by-side
  • Filter reports by any segments
  • Trend reports
  • Automate a report reminder
  • Advanced dissected bounce reporting, unsubscribe and ‘marked as Spam’

Do you want this kind of reporting for your own email campaigns?  Are you ready to get serious about your email marketing?  Contact us here.

New Zealand Email Marketing Metrics Report

Now EXCLUSIVE to you, NZ’s first ever email marketing metrics report. Put your own results into context.

What day is best to send my email? What’s a good open rate for my newsletter? How many people click through on emails in my industry?

The  Report gives you a benchmark with which to measure the performance of your own campaigns. Use these statistics to put a stick in the sand, but also take the time to set your own benchmarks. Click here to get your copy.

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