SmartMail PRO has a great value inclusion you’ll use in many different ways. It’s powerful ‘Form Builder’ feature enables you to create more complex surveys, website subscription forms, and a variety of other form types including Invitation RSVPs and polls.

Because it’s integrated with SmartMail PRO and your database, you won’t need to ask your recipients the basics – you already know who they are. Better yet, with one click you can send reminders, segment into interest based on response and target your next campaign.

Some of the features of the Form Builder:

  • True to brand forms.  Control the look of forms with templates
  • Real-time reports, stylish summaries as well as raw data into Excel – ready for you to work with; no more data entry
  • Trigger an action on form completion e.g. once they’ve completed the form, your customer can receive an automated email with a thank you, coupon, or a map, for example
  • Multi-choice, single choice, free text and drop-down box answer types
  • Assign data types to fields for validation e.g. make sure a date is a date
  • Set questions as mandatory
  • Customise your own confirmation messages and redirect URLs
  • Set an expiry date

If you need a more complex survey solution we can help there too. We build complex web forms every day and can help you design and create a platform that gets the results you need.

Can we help you get started with SmartMail PRO? Contact us now.

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