Email Deliverability is all about increasing the chances that your email messages will reach a recipient’s Inbox.

Your company’s reputation is vital for ensuring deliverability and needs to be actively managed. APD's reputation management service ensures that our client’s reputations are developed through an actively managed approach.

Due to the multiple layers of SPAM protection, like ISP filters, corporate firewalls and individual email filters, getting your emails delivered every time is a highly complex area. APD will help you navigate the maze.

Unlike bulk email service providers, APD has a relationship and reputation with major ISP’s and the latest deliverability processes. And unlike off-the-shelf direct email marketing software, SmartMail PRO’s platforms provide real time reports and alerts to monitor message delivery.

APD can help you to manage and build your company’s email reputation. Contact us for more information.

SmartMail PRO Email Deployment Platform

Built in deliverability features and a dedicated team of deliverability experts give you maximum support in this area. Each time you hit ‘Send’, we are ready to deliver your campaign over an optimised sending infrastructure. If you have special requirements, SmartMail PRO can provide a platform that’s configured just for you, for example, your own IP address isolating your deployments from others. Get known, bypass content filters and avoid delivery delays through SmartMail PRO’s White listing service, including Yahoo/Xtra.

Email Deliverability Audits

Whether you are starting from scratch, or starting with a long-existing database, APD's four point inspection plan will help identify problem areas before they become reputation-affecting or lead to list attrition.

Your list is a valuable asset that needs care and maintenance like any other asset. APD is proud to offer this email deliverability audit covering:

  1. Complaint analysis
  2. List Hygiene Analysis
  3. Bounce analysis
  4. Best Practice Review

Many of the SmartMail PRO systems are automated services. The deliverability audit is a manual review process that provides a marketer’s insight into how to maximize your efforts and as such, ideally performed periodically.

Please contact us if you would like a quote for this value add service.

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