Custom Development Solutions

Getting the most from your digital marketing can often require integration with your existing systems. Our professional project management and software engineering team has integrated SmartMail PRO with many clients existing systems including:

  • CRM Systems such as
  • Data management
  • Existing Internal Applications
  • Custom Applications

Integration with your CRM

Although a lot of our clients use SmartMail PRO as their primary data source for managing their marketing campaigns, it is usually simple to integrate with your existing databases. This means that you can enjoy all of the power of SmartMail PRO without having to change the way you work with your data.

Many organizations have existing databases and often a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that forms the hub of communications with each customer. To ensure data is as accurate as possible the SmartMail PRO email marketing engine has a robust capability to integrate with existing platforms.

All SmartMail PRO’s current features are available, from API calls through custom development, to meet each client’s specific requirements. When required, third party applications can access SmartMail PRO through SOAP XML web service calls based on cutting edge Microsoft technologies. This allows SmartMail PRO to work with your data using your existing systems.

Talk to us about integrating your CRM with SmartMail PRO.

Recipient Preference Centres

The most important aspect of any database is the quality of the data contained in it. It’s vital to keep customer information up to date and accurate.

SmartMail PRO preference centres allow your customers to manage that for you.

A preference centre is a special type of web page which enables your subscribers to set, view and update their record in the SmartMail PRO database directly.

Typically a preference centre enables subscribers to view and change their email address, name and address details and specify which types of articles or emails they would like to receive from you. A preference centre may also allow recipients to select whether they wish to receive email as HTML or plain text and the desired frequency of communication.

In addition to enhancing the overall user experience, from the marketer’s point of view a preference centre also helps to improve data accuracy which is crucial if you plan to use more complex segmentation and targeting. Additionally, allowing your customers to update their own preferences can reduce the volume and frequency of unsubscribes.

Talk to us now about using SmartMail PRO Preference Centres.

Quick Surveys & Forms

The more relevant information you can send to your current subscribers, the more likely you will be to retain them as customers.

SmartMail PRO allows you to quickly and accurately collect data from your recipients. You might use interactive forms for a wide variety of applications including questionnaires; RSVP’s to events, polls, surveys and even simple order forms.

SmartMail PRO includes an easy-to-use Survey wizard allowing you to quickly assemble, publish and deliver interactive forms. Responses collected through these forms are automatically collated and stored for download at any time.

Subscription Forms

Many websites aim to capture the details of interested people, so you can start a dialogue with them. We create and supply you with customised subscription form code which is added to your existing website. This enables visitors to your site to instantly add themselves to your SmartMail PRO database, eliminating the need for manual data importing.

Customised Surveys & Forms

For complex requirements, we can custom-build to suit your specific requirements. Such forms can be used for anything from building a new permission database to conducting large scale and complex surveys.

Our custom built forms can include powerful features such as dynamic content, pre-populated fields, automatically triggered emails, validation and full integration with website platforms or third party CRM software.

Talk to our campaign services team today about your form requirements.

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